About Me

Young, Gifted, & A Mama has been created to encourage other mothers to push through hard times & to always remember that you too are forever GREAT !


Hey Readers ! My name is Jazz and I am here to give you a little background and insight on who I am.

I am currently 21 years old and I am a mother to a beautiful Baby Boy who’s now a year old.

The reason behind me starting my blog is because I would like to make a difference in someone else’s life whether it be a mother or anyone else.

Not only am I a mama, but I am a mama that struggles with both clinical depression and anxiety.

Dealing with these two makes it very hard for me to be as strong as I would like to be, but every day I PUSH FORWARD AND USE MY GIFTS.

I’m a Mama First

Every day brings something new when it comes to being a mom and I enjoy it so much !

My son continues to grow and to change each day and I am beyond blessed to be able to live in his presence all of the time.

Although it can get hard and sometimes I fall apart, I wouldn’t change what we have for the world !


A Little More About Me

For fun I enjoy spending time in the comfort of my own home and eating really good snacks.

Although I am new to this cooking thing, I love to bake cakes and to whip up a good breakfast every now and then for me and my baby boy.

Traveling the world has always interested me, even though I have NEVER been on a plane before !! Weird I know right ?


I truly hope you all enjoy your time spent surfing my site and hope to have each and everyone of you grow on this journey with me from beginning to end..



Mama Jazz