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Commuting Disturbance: Learning how to Change a Life Challenge into a Life Lesson

Time- 7:04pm

Date- 07/09/18


Hey Readers !

Today I am writing a blog in reference to a change that has happened in my life recently. Being that I have now moved further south in my state of residence, I now have to commute an HOUR both to and from my new workplace.  (BIG DIFFERENCE FROM COMMUTING 3 MINUTES AWAY 3 MONTHS AGO)

At first, I was very upset about this new move and commute but today on my way home from my first day of work I decided to try something different.


  1. Have you ever thought about turning something negative into a positive?
  2. Is there anything in your life right now that makes living hard?
  3. Ever thought about turning that thing into a life lesson?

Well, that’s what I’ve chose to do with this new life change that I cannot do anything about until I make my next big move.

What I got out of that ride today was thinking about turning this challenge into a couple of life lessons. Below I’m going to share with you my new choices and also make it clear as to how ANYTHING in your life can become a lesson instead of a negative experience.



  1. PATIENCE: Driving downtown here is a pain in the REAR end, literally guys. People are tailgating and slamming on breaks behind and in front of me constantly and as bad as I’d like to get out and kick those people in their rear end, I’ve chosen to use this challenge as a chance to gain some patience. Although this is patience in the car, it can grow into patience throughout every other aspect of my life as well.
  2. RESPONSIBILTY: It is my job to be on time every day for work and to be responsible for getting me there safe and sound. Now me, I’m a slugger in the morning guys. I’ll lay in that bed and act as if my alarm is just the newest hit on the radio and let it repeat all day. Now that I have to be ON TIME for work every day it is my duty to be responsible enough to get myself ready and to head to my job at a decent enough time where I’m not late.
  3. TIME MANAGEMENT: For years I’ve tried and tried to make a life schedule for myself because I can never seem to get it right when it comes to being on time. Yeah I’m always on time, but lord knows I stress myself and push my little Sentra down the highway almost every day in order to make it to where it is that I need to be. Instead of being stressed, I now can use this commute as a building block for creating a REAL schedule in my life..

I write those lessons to let you all know that, not everything in life has to be a challenge. When you are faced with something new and think that it’s the worse thing in the world; take a moment to find the good in that something bad.

Not every life situation has to be a FIRE, you can make it what you want it to be.

Message me readers, and I will help you to figure out how we can change whatever life challenge you’re facing right now into a LIFE LESSON..


Mama Jazz


P.S- At the end of every blog I will include some tips to help you all that are relevant to my topic and the idea behind the blog of the day..

  • Stop and notice the good in the things in life that may seem challenging..
  • Always approach a challenge with positive energy and defeat it with a goal in mind
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The Blog Behind the Red Crib: For Mother’s Who Struggle With Clinical Depression

Time- 1:23am

Date- 07/07/18


Hello Mama’s,

My name is Jazmiera Smothers, and I am a mother who struggles with clinical depression. The stories behind my blogs and site will be based on motivation, encouragement, and empowering words for those who may be afraid to face depression and everyday challenges alone. I am here now, and you are all no longer alone..

The first story I’d like to share with you all happened exactly between yesterday and this time now, next day. I woke up yesterday morning and I wanted to prepare my son’s new room for him before he arrived home at 5pm. I woke up and laid in bed for a little while after sending my son off to school with his grandmother; and before I knew it I had dozed back off to sleep.

After waking back up, it felt like I was a new person. Ever wake up and not understand how it can be the same day but you now have waken up and somehow become very dull and gloomy, even with the sun shining outside? Well yeah, that was me yesterday. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched the time go by. By 9am I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to get up and do what I had planned to do..

By 10am, my son’s new crib was built and put together. I had no idea how I managed to get this crib up and ready to go because, I honestly felt like my life was ending. My mind, this battle that I fight every single day was continuing on while I built through it. My thoughts were telling me that I wanted to die, that I wanted to eat or else I’d be sick and unable to continue on with my day. I grew afraid of my thoughts and decided that I needed to go outside for some air..

Now what was supposed to be a 3 hour activity had turned into 4 hours because, by the time I made it outside to get that air it was 130pm. I managed to get to Walmart where I gathered paint, brushes, and everything else that I needed. I arrived back home, sat down on my floor and at 3pm I picked up that first brush to start painting..

This wasn’t your average painting day. I painted, and as I painted I felt like I couldn’t breathe. My life felt like it was really coming to an end and that I could fall apart at any minute. Time goes on, and everyone begins to get in from work including my son from school because it was now 445pm. My step dad walks in and asks me what’s wrong, I say it’s one of  my depressive days today. He walks out and I burst into those tears that I had been waiting on for days..

Oh SORRY guys, I forgot to let you know that today is July 7th and I had been depressed since the 3rd of July. I waited days and days for those tears to flow and as they flowed I knew this depression phase was coming to an end..


  1. What does your depressive state feel like ?
  2. How do you know when it’s coming to an end?
  3. How long might you say it lasts for?
  4. Are you even aware of your depressive states?

In the middle of each of my blogs I will stop and ask you questions. Questions that you may or may not know the answers to, but take a minute or two and honestly read the last few sentences before the list and see if you can relate to what it is that I experience..

As my story continues on I remind you all that I waited on those tears for almost 4 days now. I knew it was coming, I knew I was depressed, and I even let my family and friends know that it just had to pass like all the other times. These phases start with me being exhausted, then I wind up excessively hungry, or with no appetite at all for consecutive days. I grow sad and I fill up with tears and a heavy heart that both just sit there until it is time for my depressive state to come to an end, which is when I can be myself again..

The  reason behind the title “The Blog Behind the Red Crib” is because although I fought through this depressive phase for 4 days, it came to an end and I was able to transform my son’s crib from white to red within a 12 hour time span. It took me longer then I had planned, but the job got done.

Mamas, hear me out for one second. It may feel like it is impossible to go on or that your life must be ending, but we are stronger then we seem to believe. Although we have a clinical problem that they say can only be cured with medication or psychological help, we have to keep going. As mothers we are role models and someone who other human beings in this world need. We cannot give up, we cannot let this depression win..

I ask for all of you that have read this today, if you can relate please email me or respond to this blog with your information below for me to contact you and let’s talk. I am here, and you are not alone..


Mama Jazz (younggiftedandamama@gmail.com)


P.S- At the end of every blog I will leave some tips on how to push, and how to keep going through your phases or rough days..












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