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5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Baby to Table Food



Date: 08/01/18

Time- 8:43am


Hello Mama’s !

Today’s blogging goal is to get those who may be in the process of transitioning baby from bottle to actual table food.


  1. What foods are you likely to see within your home?
  2. Does your baby enjoy watching you eat and tries to steal a bite every once in awhile?


It is important to pay attention to what foods are in your home because whatever you’ll be eating, baby will try his hardest to take a grab at it. Although it may be tempting to allow baby to try everything we must be cautious of food allergies, the size of the piece of food, and also the amount that we are allowing baby to consume.

This process can be tricky because not every baby is the SAME! Some foods that my son may enjoy might not be a favorite to your baby and that is okay. Just pay CLOSE attention to what your baby enjoys and what they do not have a reaction to so therefore you’ll know what to buy more of to have available for baby.

*WARNING: PATIENCE IS REQUIRED* This process is not the easiest and it can be very challenging so be sure to not allow the frustrations and the feelings of being overwhelmed control your actions.

Here are some QUICK & EASY ways to get the transition going:


  1. MAKE THE CURRENT FOOD THICKER. Before you start the process of transitioning, try and make baby’s bottles thicker with oatmeal and if they are spoon fed make the baby foods thicker as well. This will help your baby to get down the feeling of movement that it takes to move on to the beginning of chewing and using their mouth muscles for support.
  2. EAT WHILE BABY IS EATING. As we already know, we are mama and what mama does baby does. So find the time to be able to sit down with your baby and take a spoonful of whatever baby is having for yourself as well. If you’re eating a finger food allow baby to watch as you put it in your mouth and chew it so that way baby will know that it is OKAY and YUMMY (even if it’s a carrot and you’re not a fan of those) do it for baby ! This is my favorite step because I am in LOVE with Gerber puffs and baby loves them too, so we each take turns. 3 for mama and 2 for baby!
  3. BE SURE TO STICK TO BABY’S FAVORITE FLAVORS. As you can see above my son is in LOVE with his “nanas” as he calls them. When he was around five months old and we began the spoon feeding banana baby food was his favorite (just like mommy’s) and now he loves whole banana slices as well. Sticking to what baby liked the first time around can be good because it’ll remind them of what the baby food tasted like.
  4. NEVER OVERWHELM BABY WITH TOO MUCH FOOD. Sometimes I get worried about the amount of food that my son eats because it seems as if it may not be enough. This is okay because baby will still get their nutrients from either the breastmilk that you may still be providing or from the now WHOLE MILK that baby can drink. Just stay patient with baby and understand that with due time they’ll begin to out eat you.
  5. ALLOW BABY TO MAKE A MESS. I am a mother that personally struggles with a touch of OCD, in my kitchen and by the high chair there are packs of wipes because, I cannot stand a mess. Being a mom to a toddler has driven me to watch my baby make a mess because it allows him to get a feel of the textures and he even finds it entertaining (YUCK). While mama is having a heartache on the inside and preparing for bath time, baby is having a ball and getting to know their food one on one!


I truly hope you all gain some insight on how transitioning baby works after reading this article. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this more please feel free to contact me!

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Best of Luck Mama & Baby,


Mama Jazz & Baby Nazz


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