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5 MUST Haves When You’re Heading Out With Baby


Date: 08/08/18

Time- 9:25pm

Hey Mama’s !

So today is my 22nd birthday and tonight my family took me out for a nice dinner. I was very excited to be heading out because I LOVE food, but then an explosion happened as soon as we were seated.


  1. Have you ever left home without something important for baby?
  2. Do you always check your diaper bag before leaving home?

Well Mama’s tonight, I personally was UNPREPARED !

Baby did a #2 as soon as we sat down and it was time to be changed. Although they have those NICE (Yeah right) changing tables in the bathrooms, they’re not very sanitized.

So therefore you must lay a blanket or changing pad down but guess what? I had NEITHER ! I panicked instantly because I HATE germs. So you know what I did?

I took off my shirt & laid it out for my little muffin man.

In order to prevent this scenario from happening to you mama’s here are a few things that I recommend you keep in your diaper bag at ALL TIMES! *Also be sure to have an extra diaper bag at home that you can quickly grab as soon as it’s time to go*

Items #1 : ALWAYS keep a changing pad or blanket in your diaper bag just in case of emergency. You never know when baby might have to go so take precaution (also pack extra diapers, wipes, and clothes.)

Item #2: Pack extra bottles for your outing. My son tends to throw his sippy cup and bottles all over the place therefore I always like to have back ups just in case one gets too dirty and wipes won’t get the cleaning job done.

Item #3: EXTRA BINKIES ARE A MUST! Whether if you call it a nookie, a binky, a bo bo, whatever you refer to it as just pack more THAN one ! Baby will drop those just as much as bottles and we never know when our little one might go on a hollering rant.

Item #4: Keep a charger in your bag. My son enjoys watching his TV show at the dinner table so I always make sure that I have my charger with me just in case my phone decides to go down on it’s battery level. I hate to be without a phone.

Item #5: Keep a box of Tylenol on hand for whenever you’re away from home. There have been plenty of times when my son and I would leave home and all of a sudden he’d get a random fever or a sudden cough (pains during teething time) so I’d pull out the Tylenol and ease his sudden symptoms.

All of these are items that may already be in your bag but some may catch you by surprise and make you reconsider your packing strategies.

I hope this post can be helpful to some of you, click up top to leave a COMMENT and let me know what you think or what else you’d find important to have in an outing diaper bag..


Mama Jazz

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