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A Leo’s Testimony: How to Spot Your Inner Leo Senses

Hello My Lions & Lionesses !
This blog has been created for those of you who are and who may think that you are a Leo being that this is OUR season.
  1. Were you born on July 23rd-August 22nd ?
  2. Is your attitude full of fire?
  3. Do you claim to be a Leo when asked?
If you answered YES to all three questions then you my friend are in the right place and I am now about to tell you a little bit about yourself.
The symbol of a Leo is a LION !
We are known as Lion’s because we are natural born leaders and we are the kings and queens of our jungles.
Lions are protective and warm. We protect our family and friends as if they are all born under us just like our children.
The element of the Leo is FIRE !
Us Lionesses especially are fierce and powerful. We can spark anyone’s flame with either our attitudes or our enthusiasm which makes us a pleasure to be around. Although some people may get annoyed by us because we’re so self centered, most people find us attractive because of how ambitious and strong we are.
We carry ourselves WELL !
The planet that represents us is the SUN !
We shine BRIGHT and best believe we are always the center of attention. Being that we like attention our mates must prepare for someone who is stubborn and who enjoys being loved on and admired.
Would you say that we like to be appreciated ? And that we dislike being treated like less than what we are, a king or queen ?
I would agree too !
Although we carry on a HOST of strengths we also have some weaknesses too.
That pride and that ego of ours is STRONG ! Many people can’t handle a Leo’s attitude or mouth because it’s just too slick. And best believe a Leo is kissing no ones behind. We’ll go to war with anyone that wants to pick a fight with us.
Sometimes we say things without even realizing that they can potentially hurt someone’s feelings..OOPS sorry.
Also, never expect a Leo to change who they are for you because “we are how we are and there’s just no changing that hunny.”-I Quote a True Leo !
We are very arrogant individuals and we can be very haughty and hard nosed at times, but it’s okay our heart is bigger then it all.
Us Leo’s tend to have too big of a heart and we usually get taken advantage of. Our loyalty is so strong that some people may find it to be intimidating because they’ve never met anyone like a Leo before.
We are true romantics so very often we end up with heartbreak after heartbreak because we give our all to people who don’t even deserve a piece of us.
But that’s okay because we’re very opinionated people so before we go, we’ll tell you ALL ABOUT YOURSELF !
There’s nothing that gets under a Leo’s skin more then an ignorant person. PLEASE do not bring your ignorance around us because we will definitely have a problem with it and again, we’ll be sure to speak our opinion out loud !
I LOVE being a Leo !
We are the life of the party, the go getter, the person in charge & the mediator all in ONE !
We are courageous, fearless, dynamic & we are confident.
Get you a LEO because we’re just that DAMN awesome !
Happy Leo Season & Birthday to all of you Kings & Queens !
Drop your birthdays and one of your characteristics down below !! I’d love to get to know some of you a bit more !
P.S- My Birthday Twins Make Yourselves Known 08/08 !
Queen Jazz

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