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Making the Choice to Go Back to School After Becoming a New Mom



Date- 8/29/18

Time- 1:24PM

How’s it going Mama’s ? 

I’ve been so busy in life lately that I’m glad I finally have the time to get back to keeping up with you all. I’m currently in the car on my way to NJ for my sisters graduation day, and although she’s not a mom, I was a mom two months ago on my graduation day. 


  1. Have you ever thought about how you can better your future for your child after giving birth to them? 
  2. Have you ever brought a child into this world and made the decision to be better immediately after, but you weren’t sure of which way to turn ? 

I’m here as a living testimony today to let you know that this is POSSIBLE and that you are amazing for even considering making your life choices based off of your child’s future.

Last August I had chosen to become better for my two month old son. Although I was a full time waitress, I knew that this was not enough for us. I had to do something GREATER, not just for him but for myself too.

I chose to go back to school and although I spent my whole life believing that psychology was my outlet, I ended up graduating from a medical assistant program instead.

There were long days, long nights, and many times when I wanted to give up but I always had to remind myself of why it was that I started in the first place.

I’m a very honest person therefore I’ll let you know that this decision was NOT easy. I was a full time employee, full time student, and a new part time mom to a new two month old baby boy.

There was the teething nights where I had an 8 page paper due, baby wouldn’t sleep and I couldn’t sleep because there were assignments to be done and a child to take care of. I became sleep deprived, I fought with myself each day to stay awake, and I didn’t think I would make it through.

It wasn’t until I realized that I only had 2 weeks left of school before graduation day which was when I received a very important email. The email had encouraged me to answer a few questions because I had been CHOSEN out of 200 students to become my class valadictorian and as long as I made out okay after competing with forty other students then I’d be speaking at graduation.

I was chosen. It was me that had not only made the deans list every module, but it was me who became the top of my class and managed to say a speech next to the President of my college.

I did it mama, and you can do it too.

At times life will make you feel as if nothing is possible and it’ll all be too hard but trust me; you are capable of anything once you realize that your child is your number one priority.

Take some time to realize how strong you are and that you’re capable of anything, and then choose to be better today. Your child’s future can be so much brighter if you make the choice to be better for them.

To the mother’s out there young or old that are making it happen for your children, I applaud you and I wish you nothing but the upmost success.

To the mother’s out there that are reading this article and considering to be better, this is a start. I am proud of you for even choosing to open this article because you are already a better mother.

Yes it may not be in your finances right now to go to school, but when you’re a mother, school systems are willing to help you as much as they can because the world overall wants you to be GREAT.

You can do it, and I am rooting for you all the way and so is your baby boy or girl.

“Never be afraid of the what if’s for the only fear that you should have is a fear of your own fear.”

Feel free to contact me to talk more or to work out a plan TOGETHER for your future.


Mama Jazz


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Waiting on the Day that Eric LeGrand Walks Again: Based on a True Story





That is how I must start off this blog, by using just one word to describe tonight. 

Never did I ever think that someone’s story could ever humble me as much as this young man’s story did tonight. 

Tonight I had the honor of not only MEETING but to hear the sounds of a survivors words that enlightened and encouraged me to be better than I was yesterday. 

Tonight, I stopped to speak with Eric LeGrand and as I looked this young man in his face tears filled up in my eyes due to the fact that he inspired me to be better in life. 

For those who may not know; Eric was a former football player for Rutgers University and during the fourth quarter of a big game at MetLife Stadium, his life had been changed forever after being hit while playing. Being hit so hard caused Eric to become paralyzed and the doctors had informed him that he will never live a normal life again. Not only would he never walk again, but he’d never move another part of his body. 

Tonight on stage Eric shook his whole upper body demonstrating to us that NO ONE CAN EVER TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE not capable of doing ANYTHING in life no matter what happens to you! 

To Eric, I would like to be one of the many people to encourage you to keep going. You’re such a motivational and life changing person. Although football may have been your passion and first love, this right here is where you were meant to be. 

I appreciate you for bringing me back to reality on my journey of life because the road has been tough. I’ve complained and I’ve fussed about everything that most people may not even have. 

I’m ready to be appreciative of everything just like you. Your physical capabilities may have been snatched away for a little while, but your mind and heart remained the same. 

I am waiting on you, because I know that you will walk again. No one can stop you from seeing this day again so please continue on and fight for what belongs to you. 

When you head out to lay on that field in the same spot again, I would love to be there and to be able to witness you WALK to that spot. 

Eric you are an inspiration to me and many others. Please continue to be you and continue to spread your greatness around the world. 

Everyone take some time to checkout Eric’s site https://ericlegrand52.com and if you’re capable of becoming a member of Eric’s foundation “Reeve Foundation: Team LeGrand” please take the time to become a part of the greatness or to even donate whatever you can. 

Thank you again Eric, you will forever be a part of my heart now. 


A New #1 Fan: Jazz 

“It’s the peace of mind for knowing that you did everything to be the best that you can be-“ Eric LeGrand & Coach  

Viewers please feel free to drop your contact information down below if you’re interested in becoming a part of Eric’s foundation.

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What It Is That I Do To Break Away From My Depression





Hello Readers,

Over the past few days I’ve noticed that I haven’t been myself. I seemed to be very tired, not much of an appetite, and just irritated with everything. As I tried to ignore it each day, today was the moment when I realized something isn’t right.


  1. Would you say that you struggle with clinical or everyday depression?
  2. How do you know when you’re about to fall into a depressive state?

Usually when my depression is about to take off, I’ll feel symptoms such as the following:

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiousness
  • Big appetite, little appetite
  • Sadness
  • Weakness

It’s as if I have to monitor myself at times OR ELSE I’ll fall into a depressive state and never find my way back out. Today I analyzed myself and realized that I struggle with two different kinds of depression.

  1. When I am struggling with EVERYDAY depression this is due to the fact that life’s stressors are overwhelming me. I tend to feel as if I’m failing at life and all I’d prefer to do is SLEEP. This is a depression that I can break myself out of though. I know this because I can get through it without shedding any tears.
  2. CLINICAL depression on the other hand is something that I cannot control. Everything in life can be going so great for me nothing bad is happening, but somehow I still feel this overload of sadness come on to me. When I am in this phase it doesn’t just go away with a little bit of self care, I must cry it out before I can feel better and the tears can sit in my eyes for days or even weeks before I let it out.

Some people tend to not even notice the difference between the two and I know that I didn’t understand it until today. Today I share this blog with you unafraid of what someone may think of me because nine times out of ten I am experiencing feelings that 80% of the world goes through, but may be too afraid to acknowledge or discuss.

So you may ask well what do I do then Jazz, when my depression comes on to me?

Well here’s what I do; I’ll walk you through the exact last 18 hours of my life.

At 9pm last night I got into bed at the same time as my son. I woke up around 7am this morning but instead of me getting out of bed, I asked my mom to PLEASE take the baby and allow me to get some more rest because even after going to bed at nine I was still exhausted (not exhausted but depressed). My mom managed to take the baby and I dozed back off to sleep, just to wake up a few hours later and still feel tired.

I didn’t play with my son this morning, I didn’t eat, nor did I even manage to take a shower. I just waited until his nap time rolled around and then back to sleep I went.

Now here it was 130pm my son was sleeping soundly and I laid in bed wondering what to do with my life. That’s when it had hit me, my depression was coming on to me and I wasn’t doing ANYTHING about it.

I felt weak, worthless, and hopeless; so I did something about it for the FIRST TIME EVER. Here’s what I did and what I hope for you all to do next time your depression rolls around.

  1. SELF-CARE: I got up and took a shower, put on some clean clothes, and freshened up because good smelling bath products can make anyone feel better.
  2. NUTRITION: I ate food, I drank water and I managed to eat some ice cream which is the way to my heart as well.
  3. TAKE CARE OF or LOVE ON SOMEONE ELSE: My son woke up and the first thing I did was hug him very tightly. I needed a bit of loving and who to better love than your own children? I fixed him a very good lunch, changed his diaper and made sure that he was okay because I knew that I wasn’t.
  4. BE PRODUCTIVE: Here I am now in this exact moment, typing up this blog because I had to find something productive to do. Usually my blogs are already set for blogging days but I chose to write this one because someone out there may need to read it.

I want you all to be better than me, and to feel better than me. Take care of yourselves everyone and never allow depression to get one up on you. I love you all and I hope that this blog reaches someone who may be going through the same thing that I am going through today.

Feel free to share this content, leave some feedback and to also leave your contact information down below if you’re in need of someone to talk to.

Be better today everyone..

*P.S thank you to my mama, Lord knows I don’t know what I’d do without her*

Xoxo, Jazz

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Keeping Up with Your Family Health History To Save Your Own Life


Date- 08/14/18

Time- 10:30am


Hello Readers,

Today’s topic was a requested one and when it was brought to my attention I realized how important it is to discuss and to bring to the attention of others.


  1. How many times have you been to the doctor and you’ve had to write “N/A” on the lines listed below family health history?
  2. Have you ever taken the time to discuss the topic of health history when your family is all gathered together; such as a family sit down with your children?
  3. Do you know what it feels like to lose a relative to a disease or condition that they may have lost control over, or had no control of?
  4. How many of your parents or grandparents have a nightstand or a bag filled with prescriptive pill bottles?

NOW is the time to get in touch with your families health history and to avoid the situations from occurring any longer.

My grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer, and although I’m aware of this I honestly still have not taken the time to get myself examined now that I am 22 years old. The thought of having breast cancer crosses my mind but not as much as it should being that my grandma is a survivor. Now had she passed away from it, I’m sure this would have a HUGE impact on my decision.

My grandfather was prone to having seizures when he was alive. When my mother was pregnant with me he had about 18 seizures back to back while laying on a hospital bed. My grandfather is now deceased and all I can think about is the health conditions that he had while he was alive. Not only was he prone to seizures but he also had a disease know as Alzheimer’s which caused him to have a severe case of dementia (symptoms that effected his memory and everyday living.) It was hard to see my grandfather struggle with these conditions because he’d tend to be unlike himself at times. When I was younger it honestly would SCARE me to hear him talking out of his head and asking for people that were no longer alive.

My mother used to have a condition known has hyperthyroidism and it had gotten so severe to the point where she had to get her thyroid removed. She went from having an overload of hormones to now having hypothyroidism after the surgery; it sounds good but she’s now committed to taking medication for the REST of her life. Along with her condition she also has anemia and low iron, and she tends to get an excessive amount of hives very often. Sometimes I find myself breaking out in hives, eating ice, or being cold when it’s ninety degrees outside.

But guess what?

When I go to the doctors, I never put down either of my grandparents health history, let alone my mothers.

The reason why I know so much about my family members conditions is because I just graduated school and earned my credentials as a medical assistant. If It weren’t for school I STILL would not know what it is that my family tree’s health history consisted of.

How many of you answered yes to the nightstand and pill bag question?

I know my grandmother personally has a bag filled with medications and she has them all from high blood pressure down to heart failure medications.

It’s scary to think that her bag of medication is filled with conditions that could possibly effect my life later on down the line, but I’ve done nothing to prevent them from happening.

I want you all to complete the following five steps for me ASAP:

  1. Sit down with your parents/grandparents if they’re still alive and ask questions. Ask about their current or previous health conditions and find out what medications they’re taken.
  2. If you have CHILDREN that are old enough to understand, talk to them about your current and previous health conditions and give them background information on their grandparents as well.
  3. DO SOME RESEARCH! Take the time to find out more information on what you’ve learned about your family health history and find answers to help yourself.
  4. Take some ACTION. If this requires you to schedule a doctors appointment, schedule it. If it means that you must change your current diet, then change it. Make yourself better NOW before it’s too late.
  5. SHARE this content with your family, friends, coworkers, doctors and anyone else that you may think this article can have an impact on.

I truly hope that this article can be beneficial to you all and that you get something out of it by talking to your family members and preventing someone else down the line from being effected by anything in your families list of health history.

My name is Jazz & I just want you all to be great..


*P.S, feel free to drop some feedback and your contact information in the box below OR scroll up top and leave a comment for others to see what you think about this read.*

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Habits of a 20+ Year Old Man that Every Woman Wishes They’d Break


Date- 8/14/18

Time- 5:50pm

Hey Readers !

This post today is for the LADIES! (Men I will have one for you soon as well).


  1. How many of your spouse’s habits get under your skin?
  2. If there was anything that you could change about your spouse, what would it be?

When it comes to my spouse there have been plenty of times where I find myself REPEATING the way that I feel about certain choices that he makes. Even when I continuously express my feelings about things, nothing every seems to change!

“You’re always making a big deal about this or that”, “You’re never satisfied”, “I didn’t even do anything”.

ALL of those quotes come from our men very often. If your man hasn’t said any of those to you, then your relationship is far from normal. Normal is when you have to constantly remind your partner of what makes you unhappy and what you’d like for them to change (even if you’re Megan Good & DeVon Franklin).

We ALL have 99 problems, and our men not understanding what we’re trying to say is NUMBER ONE!

The following list is filled with a few habits that can annoy you about your male partner:

  1. SELECTIVE HEARING! There is nothing worse than a man that chooses what he hears and what he doesn’t. Yes we can go on a tangent every now and then and the conversation can get boring but we’re always getting somewhere! I just can’t seem to understand why it’s so hard for men to tune in and to focus on whatever it is that we’re saying. Not only does this pertain to story time, but when it comes to us ASKING for specific things to get done as well. “I didn’t hear you”, “I’m sure you didn’t tell me that” are their favorite excuses. Everything must be written out and spelled for a man in order for it to get done ladies.
  2. DOUBLE STANDARDS! “I’m a man you’re a woman, that’s why it’s different.” Yes there are certain things that a man can do which might not be fit for a woman’s reputation BUT not everything!! If it is not okay for me to do it, then it is not okay for you to do it. Men tend to believe that we are not all human beings, a man is a man and a woman is a woman. ANNOYING! We all bleed the same way, so give me the same respect that I give to you SIR.
  3. PICKING UP AFTER THEMSELVES. Ladies, if you have a man that cleans up after himself and who doesn’t believe that every place in the house is a spot for wherever they drop something; then kiss your man right now. For those with a man that fails to remember to put items where they belong, remind him that you’re not his mama. It is not your job to keep picking up after him unless he’s under the age of 5. It’s terrible, walking through your home and finding something everywhere that it doesn’t belong.
  4. SHOWING A LACK OF AFFECTION. This one is major because for some reason asking for affectionate love is asking for too much. I just don’t understand why showing love and loving on us has to be a job. This is part of the relationship game, the same way you got me is the same way that you need to keep me. Men tend to stop doing what they did to get you after a little while being that they’ve gotten comfortable. NOT FAIR! I still make love to you the same way that I did in the beginning, so continue to shower me with hugs, cute texts, and outings every now and then.
  5. COMPLAINING. Having a grown man in the house that complains about every little thing is such a turn off. Men, grow up. If I ask you to clean something just do it. It should never feel as if I have one extra child in the house because my spouse thinks that whining and complaining is the proper response for simple request.

I love my man DEARLY, but if I could change some things about him this list has hit it on the nose!

Review this list, sit down with your man, and set him STRAIGHT!

I hope you all enjoyed this read and got a kick out of it while thinking about your sweetie.

Drop some feedback in the box down below OR leave a comment up top letting everyone know what you think. Be sure to also share this with your girlfriends or spouse to get another great laugh out of it..



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My Child has a Cold, but the Doctor Says There’s Not Much That I can Do.

Date- 8/14/18

Time- 6:44pm

Hey Mama’s!

For a moment I’d like to discuss the number one thing about the doctors office that has agitated me the most.


  1. Have you ever left the doctors office with only instructions and no medication to give to your baby?
  2. What does your doctor say to you if you take your baby in for a cold check up?

It is the absolute WORSE feeling to go into a doctors office and to get sent home without any extensive help to cure your baby’s cold because, they’re just too young.

I have taken my son to the doctor multiple times since he’s been born and the reasons behind those visits stem from symptoms of a cold (runny nose, congestion, fever, cough). EVERY doctor has turned me around and gives me instructions for home that I could’ve thought of MYSELF.

There was one time when my son had a severe “cold” as the doctors would say and it just wouldn’t go away. It had gotten so bad to the point where my son was throwing up out of his mouth and his nose. I went into MY own doctors office crying my eyes out and I only went here because my doctor’s office was the closest help to us. I went inside and a pediatrician was on site as well. She offered to get my son’s vitals and everything seemed to be normal. Me being a mom, I knew my son wasn’t okay though.

Guess what she said to me?

“It may just be a URI (Upper respiratory infection)”..

I was furious at this point, my child was literally throwing up milk out of his nose and all they could tell me was that it was a cold.

Thirty minutes later the symptoms continued on and this mama had enough, no more doctors offices; to the hospital we went.

Finally, we had gotten to the bottom of it. My son had an EAR INFECTION. After multiple weeks, numerous amounts of doctors visits, and me crying my eyes out my baby was finally diagnosed with an underlining condition.


To save you a doctors visit in advance (unless your baby is throwing up out of their nose like my son) then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Insert a humidifier into the room. Be sure to keep the room nice and cool for baby and make sure that it is not too congested, this way your baby has a better chance of being able to breathe.
  2. Prop baby’s head up at bed time. Propping your baby’s head is another way to help with the congestion and the pressure that baby may be feeling up top.
  3. Use Tylenol as needed. Sometimes I use Tylenol to ease my baby’s pain or to reduce his fever but just be sure to not overdose within the matter of hours in a day.
  4. Keep baby hydrated and try avoiding milk for a while. Pedialyte and water are the go to whenever baby is sick and avoiding milk helps with keeping baby at ease and avoiding an upset stomach.
  5. Most importantly, keep baby out of school for as long as you can. I know this is hard when you’re a working mama but please try your best to keep baby away from other germs being that this may be where it stemmed from in the first place.

I hope this article can help you all prepare for the next time that your doctor informs you that baby is too young for active treatment. Trust your instincts mama and take care of baby as much as you can.

Feel free to drop some feedback in the box down below OR drop a comment up top to let other readers know what you think about this article. Share this content with other new mama’s if you feel as if it’ll be useful..

Continue to be great mama !


Mama Jazz


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5 MUST Haves When You’re Heading Out With Baby


Date: 08/08/18

Time- 9:25pm

Hey Mama’s !

So today is my 22nd birthday and tonight my family took me out for a nice dinner. I was very excited to be heading out because I LOVE food, but then an explosion happened as soon as we were seated.


  1. Have you ever left home without something important for baby?
  2. Do you always check your diaper bag before leaving home?

Well Mama’s tonight, I personally was UNPREPARED !

Baby did a #2 as soon as we sat down and it was time to be changed. Although they have those NICE (Yeah right) changing tables in the bathrooms, they’re not very sanitized.

So therefore you must lay a blanket or changing pad down but guess what? I had NEITHER ! I panicked instantly because I HATE germs. So you know what I did?

I took off my shirt & laid it out for my little muffin man.

In order to prevent this scenario from happening to you mama’s here are a few things that I recommend you keep in your diaper bag at ALL TIMES! *Also be sure to have an extra diaper bag at home that you can quickly grab as soon as it’s time to go*

Items #1 : ALWAYS keep a changing pad or blanket in your diaper bag just in case of emergency. You never know when baby might have to go so take precaution (also pack extra diapers, wipes, and clothes.)

Item #2: Pack extra bottles for your outing. My son tends to throw his sippy cup and bottles all over the place therefore I always like to have back ups just in case one gets too dirty and wipes won’t get the cleaning job done.

Item #3: EXTRA BINKIES ARE A MUST! Whether if you call it a nookie, a binky, a bo bo, whatever you refer to it as just pack more THAN one ! Baby will drop those just as much as bottles and we never know when our little one might go on a hollering rant.

Item #4: Keep a charger in your bag. My son enjoys watching his TV show at the dinner table so I always make sure that I have my charger with me just in case my phone decides to go down on it’s battery level. I hate to be without a phone.

Item #5: Keep a box of Tylenol on hand for whenever you’re away from home. There have been plenty of times when my son and I would leave home and all of a sudden he’d get a random fever or a sudden cough (pains during teething time) so I’d pull out the Tylenol and ease his sudden symptoms.

All of these are items that may already be in your bag but some may catch you by surprise and make you reconsider your packing strategies.

I hope this post can be helpful to some of you, click up top to leave a COMMENT and let me know what you think or what else you’d find important to have in an outing diaper bag..


Mama Jazz

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How I Easily got my Credit Score from Very Poor to Fair in Just 6 Months




Hello Readers !

This blog has been created to help those who may be struggling with getting their credit scores up or for those who may not even know where to find their credit score.

Within a matter of 6 months I watched as my credit score went from a 290 to a 645.

Although a 645 is only FAIR it means that at the age of 21 I am only 55 points away from having a good score of 700.


  1. Do you know your current credit score?
  2. Would you say that you are happy with your current score?

If you’ve answered no to both of these questions or just one then you my friend have come to the right place today!

In school they never seem to teach us the importance of a credit score; instead we learn how to divide and multiply letters with numbers (USELESS).

I am here today to offer you guys some advice on how to get that credit score UP in just a matter of a few months.

  1. Pay your bills before the due date: Yes I know some of you may have auto pay and your bills come out automatically but there are STILL options available for you to pay your bills off before that date. This step is number one because when your credit score is being reviewed, it will appear as if you always pay your bills on time and it’ll help you personally with not stressing at the last minute.
  2. Check your score frequently. If you DO NOT know where to check your score I am here to tell you that Credit Karma is the way to go and it is available FOR FREE at any time. Keeping up with your credit score is important because it’ll help you to get an idea of where you are whenever you need to know.
  3. Purchase a RESPONSIBLE CREDIT CARD. What is a responsible credit card Jazz? A responsible credit card requires you to use it for SPECIFIC necessities ONLY. I personally have a credit card that is only used for my phone bill. I’ve added this card to auto pay but as soon as it comes out of the account I am then using the amount from my pay check to pay it off IMMEDIATELY. Being that this credit card is specific to the payment of my phone bill then it never leaves my house with me (TEMPATATION IS YOUR ENEMY). Never take the card with you to places where you’ll know that you’ll be tempted to spend it trust me, it’ll defeat the purpose of the responsibility portion.
  4. Discipline yourself and become aware of your spending. Now this step may be difficult and some people may even turn their noses up at it (put those noses down) and get ready to discipline yourself. TELL YOURSELF NO! During your credit building time you have to start spending wisely so that we can focus on paying those bills early and getting that score up.


If I can do it, then so can all of you. Credit is becoming extensively important and you’ll begin to notice when you go to purchase that first apartment or car. If you haven’t begun to build your credit yet, START now. If you haven’t looked at your credit score in a while download credit karma up above TODAY.

Let’s all become better and choose to get our credit score number up rather than your Facebook followers and likes.

I believe in you all, and I am ready to watch each of you grow.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions & be sure to SCROLL UP and leave a COMMENT about what you think next to the title of this blog.



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How to Love a Child that Was Unplanned

Date- 08/02/18

Time- 9:46am

Hello Readers,

Although this blog may begin to stir up a mix of emotions and opinions, for a moment I’d just like to be real with you all and to share something that I’ve experienced as a mother. This blog was inspired by an Instagram post that I had come across yesterday.


Was your child a planned pregnancy?

Do you ever second guess becoming a parent at times ?

Some days I look at my son and I begin to wonder what I was thinking. I find myself wondering if life would be easier if he weren’t here.

This usually happens when my son is having a mental breakdown and I too may be sitting next to him with tears in my eyes because I start to believe that I am not strong enough to be his mother.

I lose myself in this moment and I begin to feel like less of a mother because I cannot seem to get my son to stop crying.

Hearing the sound of a baby crying can become very overwhelming, it can drive you to even zoning the baby out because you just cant take it anymore.

One things for sure though, I could never love my son less then how much I love him now. This little boy has changed me for the better, he has helped me to grow and has shaped me into such an amazing woman. Without my son who knows where I would be. He has been the strength and motivation that has kept me going.

See the good in your baby, remember the reason as to why you made the decision that you made to move forward with bringing this child into not only the world but YOUR world.

I will continue to love my own little boy through the temper tantrums and all because it is ME that he chose to be his mother.

Stay strong parents of unplanned children, those babies are the ones that’ll make you better and they even tend to show up right on time.

Mommy loves you forever & always Baby Nazz..

*Mothers or Fathers, I want you to reach out to me and please leave a COMMENT up top or FEEDBACK down below with insight on your experiences and thoughts after an unplanned pregnancy. I’d love to speak to you all..*


Mama Jazz



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5 Easy Ways to Transition Your Baby to Table Food



Date: 08/01/18

Time- 8:43am


Hello Mama’s !

Today’s blogging goal is to get those who may be in the process of transitioning baby from bottle to actual table food.


  1. What foods are you likely to see within your home?
  2. Does your baby enjoy watching you eat and tries to steal a bite every once in awhile?


It is important to pay attention to what foods are in your home because whatever you’ll be eating, baby will try his hardest to take a grab at it. Although it may be tempting to allow baby to try everything we must be cautious of food allergies, the size of the piece of food, and also the amount that we are allowing baby to consume.

This process can be tricky because not every baby is the SAME! Some foods that my son may enjoy might not be a favorite to your baby and that is okay. Just pay CLOSE attention to what your baby enjoys and what they do not have a reaction to so therefore you’ll know what to buy more of to have available for baby.

*WARNING: PATIENCE IS REQUIRED* This process is not the easiest and it can be very challenging so be sure to not allow the frustrations and the feelings of being overwhelmed control your actions.

Here are some QUICK & EASY ways to get the transition going:


  1. MAKE THE CURRENT FOOD THICKER. Before you start the process of transitioning, try and make baby’s bottles thicker with oatmeal and if they are spoon fed make the baby foods thicker as well. This will help your baby to get down the feeling of movement that it takes to move on to the beginning of chewing and using their mouth muscles for support.
  2. EAT WHILE BABY IS EATING. As we already know, we are mama and what mama does baby does. So find the time to be able to sit down with your baby and take a spoonful of whatever baby is having for yourself as well. If you’re eating a finger food allow baby to watch as you put it in your mouth and chew it so that way baby will know that it is OKAY and YUMMY (even if it’s a carrot and you’re not a fan of those) do it for baby ! This is my favorite step because I am in LOVE with Gerber puffs and baby loves them too, so we each take turns. 3 for mama and 2 for baby!
  3. BE SURE TO STICK TO BABY’S FAVORITE FLAVORS. As you can see above my son is in LOVE with his “nanas” as he calls them. When he was around five months old and we began the spoon feeding banana baby food was his favorite (just like mommy’s) and now he loves whole banana slices as well. Sticking to what baby liked the first time around can be good because it’ll remind them of what the baby food tasted like.
  4. NEVER OVERWHELM BABY WITH TOO MUCH FOOD. Sometimes I get worried about the amount of food that my son eats because it seems as if it may not be enough. This is okay because baby will still get their nutrients from either the breastmilk that you may still be providing or from the now WHOLE MILK that baby can drink. Just stay patient with baby and understand that with due time they’ll begin to out eat you.
  5. ALLOW BABY TO MAKE A MESS. I am a mother that personally struggles with a touch of OCD, in my kitchen and by the high chair there are packs of wipes because, I cannot stand a mess. Being a mom to a toddler has driven me to watch my baby make a mess because it allows him to get a feel of the textures and he even finds it entertaining (YUCK). While mama is having a heartache on the inside and preparing for bath time, baby is having a ball and getting to know their food one on one!


I truly hope you all gain some insight on how transitioning baby works after reading this article. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this more please feel free to contact me!

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Best of Luck Mama & Baby,


Mama Jazz & Baby Nazz


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