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Questions to ask When asked “Any Questions?” on Interview Day

Time- 620am
Date- July 15, 2018

Hey readers !

Today I’m reaching out to those who may not know the right questions to ask when the interviewer says “Do you have any questions for me?”


1.Have you ever accepted a job and it ends up not even being what you expected?
2.Have you ever ended an interview by saying, “No I think that’s it, I don’t have any questions”?

If you answered yes to both of those questions then you’re on the right page today because I’m sure that you need help when it comes to the end of that interview and you’re asked what questions you may have..

NEVER LEAVE THE PLACE WITHOUT ASKING QUESTIONS !! Most of you are probably committing to a potential lifelong career and I’m pretty sure there’s a flow of questions in the back of your mind; but you’re just intimated to ask them.

This is YOUR life, so figure out what this job is about and how they can contribute to your needs.

Questions to ask:
1. What are the responsibilities of the position that I have applied to ? (Yes it told you on indeed or on the companies website, but double check because it may be more or less then what the description on the internet says)

2. How much room is their for growth with your company? (Staying at the bottom is never enough, the goal is to sit where your interviewer is sitting or higher if possible)

3. What are the remaining steps of this process after our interview today, & when can I expect to hear back from you ? (This shows that you’re interested in moving forward and hope that they are interested too).

4.What would you say is the most challenging part about the position that I am here for? (Asking this helps you to decide on whether or not this job is meant for you).

5.Are there benefits, 401k plans (or anything else that you may be interested in), offered with this position?

AGAIN, just because it says it online does not make it true. Sometimes the internet is just used to bring you right in.

There you have it guys ! Now you can respond with “Yes, I actually have a few questions for you if you don’t mind” instead of not asking any at all.

*Btw this can definitely set you apart from the other possible candidates because 9/10 everyone else will never ask any questions*

I truly hope this helped you all today & please be sure to contact me if there’s anything that I can help you with..

Mama Jazz

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Falling Short of Motivation: How to Keep Going When it Feels Like You Have Nothing Left


Time- 1:49PM

Date- 07/26/18

Hey Readers!

Today I’ll be writing a story for you all based off of what’s happening for me currently and how things are going.

Some of you may be thinking that I am working really hard right now for what it is that I want in life which is true; but honestly I feel as if I’m not even trying my best.


  1. Have you ever wanted something so badly but you just couldn’t find the motivation to make it happen?
  2. Have you ever felt like life was over because it was starting to feel as if you had nothing left to give?

Well I can agree to both.

I am at a point in my life right now where I just want to make a difference for both my son and I.

Everyday I try and think of ways that I can keep going but sometimes I just feels as if I’ve got nothing left.

I’m working on a big project right now and at times I get discouraged because I’ve been running out of ideas or I just get really tired from everything else that has to be taken care of around me.

As bad as I would like to give up, I know that I must keep going if this is what I really want to see happen for myself. It’s hard to keep PUSHING forward when you’re so stuck on not being able to even keep going. So I guess it’s time we try something different.

Let’s do it together.

I want each of you reading this right now to think of something that MOTIVATES you to get through most of your days.

For me, it’s my son. I’d do ANYTHING to make sure that he is forever well taken care of.

Therefore I’ll be using my son as my go to. Whenever life gets in the way and begins to make me doubt myself; I’ll close my eyes and envision my son’s face in order to bring me BACK to where it is that I need to be.

I want you all to try the same process as well. Find that motivational person or goal in your life that gives you the drive to keep going. Once you find it STOP and close your eyes so that you can see what it is that can help you to remain focused.

It’s EASY to just give up all of the time, but we’re not easy individuals. We’re going to continue to push through until we finally reach our goals.

Take it one day at a time everyone, for I am with you & you are not alone.



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How to Keep Your Toddler Entertained While Being Productive


Time- 7:08pm

Date- 07/11/18 (FREE SLURPEE DAY)

Hey Readers !

For a moment I’d like to just talk to my parents out there that find it very hard to be productive with a child or children that are in the age range form a year old and up.

Although I’ve only been a mom for a year and some time now, it took me this year and some time to figure out the tricks of getting things done while your active child is awake.

My son’s naps have now grown shorter and less which KILLS me.

It used to seem as if I could never get anything done and that days would go by before I started to approach my daily chores and tasks.

BUT, I have now become an official mama and I can get ALL of my tasks done when needed because I’ve discovered some things.


  1. Would you say that you know your child?
  2. If you could think of the top five things that your child finds interesting, what are they?
  3. Have you created a schedule for your child yet?

Let’s jump right into it!

TIP #1: Get to know your kid ! When it comes to getting to know our children we have to start right from the beginning with determining which cry means what. When they’re a toddler we have to figure out what foods they may enjoy, what their favorite character is, and a lot of other new interest that they may have. Figure out what it is that can keep your child busy for the time being while you spend some time doing something productive !

TIP #2: Purchase a highchair or a seat to strap your kiddo in so that they’re not running around and getting into everything that DOESN’T belong to them. My personal favorite seat comes from Target and I love it because it’s also an entertainment seat for my son. He loves to play with the toys attached to it and he also loves to eat off of his tray (EVERYTHING ALL IN ONE). Not only did I get it for a good price, but it also puts a smile on my son’s face every time he’s in it so it was one of mama’s greatest purchases.


TIP #3: If you’re into the technology thing, purchase a tablet ! A tablet has kept my son so content during the times when I am trying to get things done, I couldn’t thank Verizon enough for their buy one get one for $1 promo. The most important thing to remember with the tablet is to make sure that something EDUCATIONAL is on the screen. My son enjoys the shows on Netflix known as “Word Party or Little Baby Bum”. Both of these have helped us to get our boy to start counting from one to three and he also knows the different parts of his body as well. JACKPOT! Another great steal and learning tool that makes both mommy and baby happy.

TIP #4: Get ready to follow a SCHEDULE with your toddler and begin to figure out how to work around it. On a Saturday I already know that this day can consist of two naps and three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. During those meals my son sits in his highchair (with his tablet) and I know that at this time my phone will be away because I can use it to get something done. During nap time, mama blogs. I dedicate that 11am-1pm nap and that 3pm-5pm nap time to getting my hobby and future career work done ! You see how that works out? STOP and become consistent with the timing of your baby’s day to day lifestyle.

Tip #5: Work as QUICKLY and as PROMPTLY as you can to get things done because before you know it baby will be in need of all of your attention and nothing would have gotten done. As we know our phones and our beds can be distractions because we’ll want to surf the web or take a nap with baby but BE PRODUCTIVE mama’s. If you have the schedule put together, the necessities that it takes to keep baby busy then there are NO excuses as to why things aren’t getting done at home !

I truly hope the following tips can help with what it is that some of you may be trying to do. Being a mama is not easy and there are only 24 hours in a day BUT we must use our time wisely. Never use being a mother as an excuse for why things are never getting done.

Please feel free to contact me or to leave your info below if you’d like to elaborate on this topic some more OR choose to leave a comment in the comment box below letting me know what you think..


Mama Jazz


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A Leo’s Testimony: How to Spot Your Inner Leo Senses

Hello My Lions & Lionesses !
This blog has been created for those of you who are and who may think that you are a Leo being that this is OUR season.
  1. Were you born on July 23rd-August 22nd ?
  2. Is your attitude full of fire?
  3. Do you claim to be a Leo when asked?
If you answered YES to all three questions then you my friend are in the right place and I am now about to tell you a little bit about yourself.
The symbol of a Leo is a LION !
We are known as Lion’s because we are natural born leaders and we are the kings and queens of our jungles.
Lions are protective and warm. We protect our family and friends as if they are all born under us just like our children.
The element of the Leo is FIRE !
Us Lionesses especially are fierce and powerful. We can spark anyone’s flame with either our attitudes or our enthusiasm which makes us a pleasure to be around. Although some people may get annoyed by us because we’re so self centered, most people find us attractive because of how ambitious and strong we are.
We carry ourselves WELL !
The planet that represents us is the SUN !
We shine BRIGHT and best believe we are always the center of attention. Being that we like attention our mates must prepare for someone who is stubborn and who enjoys being loved on and admired.
Would you say that we like to be appreciated ? And that we dislike being treated like less than what we are, a king or queen ?
I would agree too !
Although we carry on a HOST of strengths we also have some weaknesses too.
That pride and that ego of ours is STRONG ! Many people can’t handle a Leo’s attitude or mouth because it’s just too slick. And best believe a Leo is kissing no ones behind. We’ll go to war with anyone that wants to pick a fight with us.
Sometimes we say things without even realizing that they can potentially hurt someone’s feelings..OOPS sorry.
Also, never expect a Leo to change who they are for you because “we are how we are and there’s just no changing that hunny.”-I Quote a True Leo !
We are very arrogant individuals and we can be very haughty and hard nosed at times, but it’s okay our heart is bigger then it all.
Us Leo’s tend to have too big of a heart and we usually get taken advantage of. Our loyalty is so strong that some people may find it to be intimidating because they’ve never met anyone like a Leo before.
We are true romantics so very often we end up with heartbreak after heartbreak because we give our all to people who don’t even deserve a piece of us.
But that’s okay because we’re very opinionated people so before we go, we’ll tell you ALL ABOUT YOURSELF !
There’s nothing that gets under a Leo’s skin more then an ignorant person. PLEASE do not bring your ignorance around us because we will definitely have a problem with it and again, we’ll be sure to speak our opinion out loud !
I LOVE being a Leo !
We are the life of the party, the go getter, the person in charge & the mediator all in ONE !
We are courageous, fearless, dynamic & we are confident.
Get you a LEO because we’re just that DAMN awesome !
Happy Leo Season & Birthday to all of you Kings & Queens !
Drop your birthdays and one of your characteristics down below !! I’d love to get to know some of you a bit more !
P.S- My Birthday Twins Make Yourselves Known 08/08 !
Queen Jazz

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How to Distinguish the Difference Between Love & Lust: Love Wins Again

Date- 07/16/18

Hello my Readers !

The topics are getting deeper with us and today I’d like to focus on a requested one; love vs lust.

1. Have you ever thought that someone was the one for you due to a physical attraction?
2.Is Love an emotion or a feeling ?
3.Is lust an emotion or a feeling?
4.Is the person that you lust for, worth losing the one that loves you?

Well let me start by saying this; according to some google research it is proven that emotions are seen and feelings are felt. We wear our emotions on our face everyday, but our feelings? Well no one will ever see those and that is why it’s hard to explain them at times; especially for the guys.

When someone tells you that they love you, it is a reason behind it every time. Maybe it’s because you made them feel wanted, or maybe it’s because you did something for them that no one else would do. Or maybe it’s just because you’re their mama, brother, sister, cousin, husband, wife, cat or dog.

But, when someone shows you that they are IN love with you; now that’s a whole other level of feelings.

Being IN love with someone and just HAVING love for someone are definitely two different things.

When you’re IN love with someone it is easy to show those emotions on your face and in your actions towards that someone.

But HAVING love for someone is just a freaking feeling. You tell them you love them, and that you’re thankful for them; but in reality you never go out of your way to actually show them.


Lust is a physical attraction to someone in a moment that may or may not continue on after that moment is over. & if it does continue on, this feeling of lust only occurs in a sexual nature.

Let’s say you meet a shawty or a guy on instagram, go out for a bit, get back home and things get a bit physical. Shawty or the guy leaves and all that is on your mind is that moment of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION.

Days go by and you still have this sexual imagination about this person, but that’s it.

Every time you envision them it’s in your bed, or without any clothes on. You can never see this person with clothes on and still think “Damn, I think I love her.”

This is the person that you’ll say “relieves your stress” or “doesn’t stress you out”. But, this is also the same person that’s going to play you like a dog because little do you know; they’re only around for the same thing that you want, a physical attraction.

Now that person that is FOR YOU and that you’re probably in love with is the one that you’ll catch yourself saying they’re “annoying and a stressor”, or they’re “doing too much”.

In other words, LOVE WINS AGAIN !

Love wins because it is REAL.

Now men I’m sure you can care less about this but ladies this is for you:

If a man only has a LUST feeling for you, then let that man go because in reality there’s someone out there who can see you with your clothes both on or off and still say “Yeah, she’s the one.” This guy will have both a physical and an emotional connection with you which is sometimes why if you’re this girl for them; then they’ll never want to let you go.

Guys it’s the same vice versa. Never let a female play with your mind. If she’s only hitting you when she’s bored or when she’s got some free time, slide her to the side and find somebody that you can actually vibe with and confide in consistently.

Sex is sex. But love is REAL & RARE.

You can’t connect with every male or female on the same level as that ONE special person; and if you’ve got that one special person on your mind right now while reading this blog, then go make that thing right.

Never take advantage of a VIBE for a slide. If you see something in somebody already that you’ve never seen in anyone else, then why not let this person know?

Stop chasing the LUST wave, & get ready to ride the wave of love because as you grow older; building with that someone special will have so much more value and worth then being around that somebody that has to be naked in order for you to feel anything..

Lust is easy, and love is complicated; but never go with easy always go for what’s worth it.

NOW take the time and go back up top to answer those three questions again from a different perspective.

I hope this blog has made you guys look at the two differently.

If you’d like to discuss it more, give me your opinion on what I’ve said, or talk more into depth about the topic at hand; feel free to contact me via email, inbox, tweet or by leaving your feedback at the bottom & I’ll be sure to get back to you..


“Fell in love through a photograph, I don’t even know your name”-J.Cole

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A Long Day Of Being Unhappy: How Settling Can Make Life Harder



Hey Readers,

Today I’m going to share with you a personal story about my life right now and how things are going.

Recently I just started my first REAL job in life (with benefits) at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center as a Med Tech in the Behavioral Medicine Lab. Went from waitressing to the number one hospital in Maryland..YAY ME !

At least you would think yay me.

Although I LOVE my job and what it is that I do, who I am there with, and my patients; I’m still not happy.

In order to provide for my son and I, it seems as if I tend to just settle with whatever opportunities come my way so that I am never without income.

But this scenario just isn’t for me anymore.

I sat at my desk the other day and almost had a mental breakdown because I just can’t seem to focus the same anymore. All I think about is becoming rich and creating blogs for readers to read and to help them to get some life changing motivation out of it.

Long days of work are always the worse especially if you feel as if that isn’t where you want to be.

Sometimes we just get tired of the same routine but always feel as if we don’t have a choice but to do what it is that we’re doing to make a living and its the worse. Spending most of your day somewhere that you don’t even want to be.

1. Have you ever felt like where you are in life just isn’t where you want to be?
2. How many times a day do you think about your future?
3. Is what you’re doing, really what you would like to be doing?

I’m sure some of you responded to that last question and said “No but in reality I don’t even have a choice.” That’s the hard part guys, accepting the fact that we DO have a choice.

To turn around this life I’m living right now, I’ve decided to start investing in myself and to write blogs and eBooks consistently for an income that could change my life forever.

If there’s a talent that you have and you know you can use it to get you away from that 9-5 dreading job, THEN USE IT !

STOP banking on the what if’s and begin to focus on the how to’s.

How to move forward, How to be happier & how to change your lifestyle.

Life is what you make it, so use what you’ve been given and take advantage of it guys.

Whatever it is that you may be good at can change your life forever, just like mine will soon be.

I wish you all the best & hope that my story can have an impact on your choices…


Sent from my iPhone

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How to Get Your Toddler to Fall Asleep On Their Own In Just a Few Minutes

Time- 10:59pm



Hey Mama’s !

Tonight this blog was created just for YOU!

Sometimes in life we struggle with pretty tough issues, but I don’t think there’s any issue bigger then trying to get your child to fall asleep on their own !

For me personally, I know that I LOVE to hold my son until he falls asleep; but I didn’t understand that it could hurt me in the long run..

1. Ever notice that when your baby wakes up crying in the middle of the night, they refuse their bottle but as you’re holding them they’re asleep? (Don’t even think about laying them back down)
2. Have you ever watched your baby toss and turn while sleeping as if they are looking or feeling for something that’s missing?

Well that’s the point mamas !! Your child is noticing that you’re not there and it’s freaking them out because it’s the same as if your partner went away for a few nights and you’d reach over to air.

It’s time to put on your big mama undies and get ready because the MOST important tip is to get ready to hear your baby ROAR !

Let your baby cry it out. I know the cry it out method seems like the most torture, but it actually helps.

Give your child something in replacement of YOU. We’ve given my son two blankets that he absolutely loves. One of them he loves so much, it ended up in the doctors office with us because he wouldn’t let it go. Your child will rub and snuggle up against this object (teddy bear, blanket, your shirt) and fall right off to sleep.

Play some white noise, dim the lights and exit the room. Never try and get your baby to fall asleep on their own while you’re in the room. It’s just like holding them and making quick eye contact (DANGER ZONE). I know white noise sounds cliché but it actually helps guys, it’s what the day cares use at nap time as well. You can find white noise machines on amazon for as low as $9.99.

With these three options in mind, you both should be just fine while figuring out what works for baby !

(Baby Nazz & Blanket @ Drs.)

I hope this advice leads you all in the right path of getting your toddlers to fall asleep on their own.

Never be afraid to try that “cry it out” method because it honestly works.

P.S- For those who may not know what the cry it out method is, it’s exactly how it sounds. Allow your baby to scream and cry for as long as you can stand it, then go back in to comfort your LO (little one) for a minute or two and put them back in their bed to reassure that they must go to sleep on their own but you’re still there.

Best of luck mamas, contact me if you need any other advice or have any questions for me !

Mama Jazz


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How to Commit to a Habit in Just 21 Days: Then to a Lifestyle in 90 Days



Hey readers !

Something that people always ask me for advice on is how to become committed to something when there’s always something that comes up..

1. If you could create a habit, what would it be?

2. Being that the habit was on your mind, why haven’t you committed to it yet?

3.What can you do differently to make sure that you stay consistent and achieve your goal of creating this habit?

Although it is VERY challenging to stay consistent with things in life; you must always try your best to make it work out.

Things may come up every now & then but when you have a goal, there should be nothing that stops you from completing the amount of time it takes to grow your new habit..

Something I struggle with is drinking WATER. I swear, I always ask myself “Jazz, what the heck is there not to like about something that has no flavor”? And guess what? I can never seem to answer myself back because I have no idea !!

No matter how many times I used to tell myself that I’m going to try and start over with my water challenges it just never seemed to work in my favor.

Until I realized that it isn’t the water that’s the problem, IM the problem for not doing what’s best for me..

So today, I give you a few pointers in relation to how I now drink 8+ bottles of water each and everyday being that this is a habit that I truly wanted for myself:

  1. Eliminate any distractions. (For me it’s any flavored lemonade, an ice cold bottle of coke or flavored iced tea) Whatever can throw you off from sticking to your new habit, GET RID OF IT !
  2. Believe that you can do it, and it will get done. A lot of us tend to begin starting a new habit with DOUBT. If you go into something with a negative attitude, then best believe you’ll finish it with negative and unsatisfying results. Have FAITH in yourself always..
  3. Fall down 7 times, GET BACK UP 8. Every time you catch yourself breaking your new habit, start over again right in that moment. We’re humans we make mistakes; but there’s always a chance to start again as long as we’re still living.

Anything is possible guys if you just work for it and believe !! Never have doubt that you can’t do something because like they say, after 90 DAYS it then becomes a lifestyle !

I believe in you all & im rooting for ya each and every step of your first 21 out of 90 days !

Mama Jazz

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How to Be About What you Daydream About: A Blog for all Viewers That are Ready to Become Rich



Date: 07/14/18


Hey Readers !

Although my blog is driven to connect with other mom’s and to vibe out with those that can relate to me; during this time I’d like to reach out to EVERYONE for a second..


  1. Ever want something so bad in life, but all you do is talk about it?
  2. Have you ever sat down with a group of your friends and discussed your goals, but never made a move to make that dream become reality?

Well this blog right here was meant for you to view today..


Sometimes in life we tend to sit back and admire what everyone else is doing; not even realizing that we haven’t even started investing in ourselves yet. I personally have a one year old son, and I know for a FACT that I never want my son to struggle the way that I’ve been struggling.

Life is what you make it, so begin to make it worth your time. Instead of just envisioning what your future could consist of; why not start now and make a move? We can always say whatever we want to but what matters the most is what we do about what it is that we want.

You see me? I’m only 21 years old, a full time employee, and a mother of a one year old boy. But I’ve put in my time and now I’m making big moves in life. Nothing that I’m doing was handed to me or created by anyone else. I sat down one day and begun to write stories that I transformed into inspirational segments. Then, I did my research and invested in myself quickly. Instead of spending that last $100 that I had in my account on the latest clothes or meal deals at the nearest restaurant, I invested in my own domain (website url), my own wordpress portal, and everything else that was needed for me to hit GO. Now I’m taking off quickly and within the next 3 weeks I’ll be launching my first eBook that could make me an income of up to $1500/week.

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve done all of this in a matter of two weeks?

Well, I did. And now my life can be changed forever, just because I flipped that $100 into investing in myself instead of investing into labels that are already rich..


  1. Stop investing in those that are already rich and start pouring into your OWN success ! How do you figure you’ll ever make it somewhere in life if you never spend the time and money that others spent on themselves?
  2.  Figure out what it is that you want to be or what you want to do in life, then google the first step that you must take in order to achieve this goal. Once you do that, then it’s GO time.
  3. Stop dreaming, and do something about it. First off, it’s not only about what you know but it’s also about WHO you know. Step out of your comfort zone and into the REAL world so that you can meet the next potential person that can change your life !
  4. NEVER BE AFRAID OF FAILURE ! If I had decided to let every trial and tribulation that I’ve been through drive me through life I’d never get to see the days that I’m seeing now. Believe me when I say there is an answer for EVERYTHING in this world; make google your best friend..

P.S- This didn’t happen for me overnight, but it happened fast enough for me to start preparing a college fund, a retirement fund, and an emergency savings for my son !







(Email me, Message me, or even Tweet Me so that I can help you begin the investment portion of your life)


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Never Cry Over Spilled Milk: How to Move Forward in The Moment of a Mess

Spilled Milk


Time- 6:37am

Date- 07/07/18

Hey Readers !

Today I’d like to come to you all in regards of the quote that says “Never Cry Over Spilled Milk”.

Although this quote doesn’t mean literally, I have a story to tell from 253am today that made me want to LITERALLY cry over spilled milk. My son woke up crying and it was one of those cries that said “Mom, feed me now so I can get back to my snoozes.” I ran into the kitchen halfway asleep, grabbed a bottle and a gallon of milk.

As I began to pour the milk with half of both of my eyes open; all of a sudden, I thought my water was breaking again. MILK SPILLED EVERYWHERE BECAUSE OF MY TWO HALFWAY SHUT EYES ! My son is still crying his hungry cry and here I am scrubbing up milk because I just couldn’t even bare the moment of being woken up out of my sleep in order to get MORE SLEEP. 

I laid back down with my son and his bottle and now I’m up at 645am feeling refreshed because guess what? I STILL MANAGED TO GET MY SLEEP! 


  1. Have you ever wanted to cry over “spilled milk”?
  2. What did you do within that moment?
  3. What was the end result of the problem that was at hand after you moved on?

Sometimes in life we may think our worlds are crumbling down over something as small as literal spilled milk in the middle of the night. But, honestly these little things aren’t as major as we make them to seem. Problems can be bigger in life, and it is our job to know how to handle them when we are faced with them..

The next time you are faced with a challenge in a moment and feel like you’re about to EXPLODE, stop and think about Mama Jazz and her spilled milk. Yes I spilled the milk, and yes I thought I urinated down my leg BUT I STILL SLEPT LIKE A BABY AND WOKE UP FEELING GREAT!

Whenever you feel the urge to get angry or mad over the tiny encounters in life, clean up whatever it may be and continue on without a reaction that can be a permanent and unnecessary decision..


Mama Jazz (younggiftedandamama@gmail.com)

P.S- At the end of every blog I will leave you a few tips to help you with getting through moments or days in relation to my blog of the day..



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