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Falling Short of Motivation: How to Keep Going When it Feels Like You Have Nothing Left


Time- 1:49PM

Date- 07/26/18

Hey Readers!

Today I’ll be writing a story for you all based off of what’s happening for me currently and how things are going.

Some of you may be thinking that I am working really hard right now for what it is that I want in life which is true; but honestly I feel as if I’m not even trying my best.


  1. Have you ever wanted something so badly but you just couldn’t find the motivation to make it happen?
  2. Have you ever felt like life was over because it was starting to feel as if you had nothing left to give?

Well I can agree to both.

I am at a point in my life right now where I just want to make a difference for both my son and I.

Everyday I try and think of ways that I can keep going but sometimes I just feels as if I’ve got nothing left.

I’m working on a big project right now and at times I get discouraged because I’ve been running out of ideas or I just get really tired from everything else that has to be taken care of around me.

As bad as I would like to give up, I know that I must keep going if this is what I really want to see happen for myself. It’s hard to keep PUSHING forward when you’re so stuck on not being able to even keep going. So I guess it’s time we try something different.

Let’s do it together.

I want each of you reading this right now to think of something that MOTIVATES you to get through most of your days.

For me, it’s my son. I’d do ANYTHING to make sure that he is forever well taken care of.

Therefore I’ll be using my son as my go to. Whenever life gets in the way and begins to make me doubt myself; I’ll close my eyes and envision my son’s face in order to bring me BACK to where it is that I need to be.

I want you all to try the same process as well. Find that motivational person or goal in your life that gives you the drive to keep going. Once you find it STOP and close your eyes so that you can see what it is that can help you to remain focused.

It’s EASY to just give up all of the time, but we’re not easy individuals. We’re going to continue to push through until we finally reach our goals.

Take it one day at a time everyone, for I am with you & you are not alone.



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