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Habits of a 20+ Year Old Man that Every Woman Wishes They’d Break


Date- 8/14/18

Time- 5:50pm

Hey Readers !

This post today is for the LADIES! (Men I will have one for you soon as well).


  1. How many of your spouse’s habits get under your skin?
  2. If there was anything that you could change about your spouse, what would it be?

When it comes to my spouse there have been plenty of times where I find myself REPEATING the way that I feel about certain choices that he makes. Even when I continuously express my feelings about things, nothing every seems to change!

“You’re always making a big deal about this or that”, “You’re never satisfied”, “I didn’t even do anything”.

ALL of those quotes come from our men very often. If your man hasn’t said any of those to you, then your relationship is far from normal. Normal is when you have to constantly remind your partner of what makes you unhappy and what you’d like for them to change (even if you’re Megan Good & DeVon Franklin).

We ALL have 99 problems, and our men not understanding what we’re trying to say is NUMBER ONE!

The following list is filled with a few habits that can annoy you about your male partner:

  1. SELECTIVE HEARING! There is nothing worse than a man that chooses what he hears and what he doesn’t. Yes we can go on a tangent every now and then and the conversation can get boring but we’re always getting somewhere! I just can’t seem to understand why it’s so hard for men to tune in and to focus on whatever it is that we’re saying. Not only does this pertain to story time, but when it comes to us ASKING for specific things to get done as well. “I didn’t hear you”, “I’m sure you didn’t tell me that” are their favorite excuses. Everything must be written out and spelled for a man in order for it to get done ladies.
  2. DOUBLE STANDARDS! “I’m a man you’re a woman, that’s why it’s different.” Yes there are certain things that a man can do which might not be fit for a woman’s reputation BUT not everything!! If it is not okay for me to do it, then it is not okay for you to do it. Men tend to believe that we are not all human beings, a man is a man and a woman is a woman. ANNOYING! We all bleed the same way, so give me the same respect that I give to you SIR.
  3. PICKING UP AFTER THEMSELVES. Ladies, if you have a man that cleans up after himself and who doesn’t believe that every place in the house is a spot for wherever they drop something; then kiss your man right now. For those with a man that fails to remember to put items where they belong, remind him that you’re not his mama. It is not your job to keep picking up after him unless he’s under the age of 5. It’s terrible, walking through your home and finding something everywhere that it doesn’t belong.
  4. SHOWING A LACK OF AFFECTION. This one is major because for some reason asking for affectionate love is asking for too much. I just don’t understand why showing love and loving on us has to be a job. This is part of the relationship game, the same way you got me is the same way that you need to keep me. Men tend to stop doing what they did to get you after a little while being that they’ve gotten comfortable. NOT FAIR! I still make love to you the same way that I did in the beginning, so continue to shower me with hugs, cute texts, and outings every now and then.
  5. COMPLAINING. Having a grown man in the house that complains about every little thing is such a turn off. Men, grow up. If I ask you to clean something just do it. It should never feel as if I have one extra child in the house because my spouse thinks that whining and complaining is the proper response for simple request.

I love my man DEARLY, but if I could change some things about him this list has hit it on the nose!

Review this list, sit down with your man, and set him STRAIGHT!

I hope you all enjoyed this read and got a kick out of it while thinking about your sweetie.

Drop some feedback in the box down below OR leave a comment up top letting everyone know what you think. Be sure to also share this with your girlfriends or spouse to get another great laugh out of it..



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