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How I Easily got my Credit Score from Very Poor to Fair in Just 6 Months




Hello Readers !

This blog has been created to help those who may be struggling with getting their credit scores up or for those who may not even know where to find their credit score.

Within a matter of 6 months I watched as my credit score went from a 290 to a 645.

Although a 645 is only FAIR it means that at the age of 21 I am only 55 points away from having a good score of 700.


  1. Do you know your current credit score?
  2. Would you say that you are happy with your current score?

If you’ve answered no to both of these questions or just one then you my friend have come to the right place today!

In school they never seem to teach us the importance of a credit score; instead we learn how to divide and multiply letters with numbers (USELESS).

I am here today to offer you guys some advice on how to get that credit score UP in just a matter of a few months.

  1. Pay your bills before the due date: Yes I know some of you may have auto pay and your bills come out automatically but there are STILL options available for you to pay your bills off before that date. This step is number one because when your credit score is being reviewed, it will appear as if you always pay your bills on time and it’ll help you personally with not stressing at the last minute.
  2. Check your score frequently. If you DO NOT know where to check your score I am here to tell you that Credit Karma is the way to go and it is available FOR FREE at any time. Keeping up with your credit score is important because it’ll help you to get an idea of where you are whenever you need to know.
  3. Purchase a RESPONSIBLE CREDIT CARD. What is a responsible credit card Jazz? A responsible credit card requires you to use it for SPECIFIC necessities ONLY. I personally have a credit card that is only used for my phone bill. I’ve added this card to auto pay but as soon as it comes out of the account I am then using the amount from my pay check to pay it off IMMEDIATELY. Being that this credit card is specific to the payment of my phone bill then it never leaves my house with me (TEMPATATION IS YOUR ENEMY). Never take the card with you to places where you’ll know that you’ll be tempted to spend it trust me, it’ll defeat the purpose of the responsibility portion.
  4. Discipline yourself and become aware of your spending. Now this step may be difficult and some people may even turn their noses up at it (put those noses down) and get ready to discipline yourself. TELL YOURSELF NO! During your credit building time you have to start spending wisely so that we can focus on paying those bills early and getting that score up.


If I can do it, then so can all of you. Credit is becoming extensively important and you’ll begin to notice when you go to purchase that first apartment or car. If you haven’t begun to build your credit yet, START now. If you haven’t looked at your credit score in a while download credit karma up above TODAY.

Let’s all become better and choose to get our credit score number up rather than your Facebook followers and likes.

I believe in you all, and I am ready to watch each of you grow.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions & be sure to SCROLL UP and leave a COMMENT about what you think next to the title of this blog.



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