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How to Commit to a Habit in Just 21 Days: Then to a Lifestyle in 90 Days



Hey readers !

Something that people always ask me for advice on is how to become committed to something when there’s always something that comes up..

1. If you could create a habit, what would it be?

2. Being that the habit was on your mind, why haven’t you committed to it yet?

3.What can you do differently to make sure that you stay consistent and achieve your goal of creating this habit?

Although it is VERY challenging to stay consistent with things in life; you must always try your best to make it work out.

Things may come up every now & then but when you have a goal, there should be nothing that stops you from completing the amount of time it takes to grow your new habit..

Something I struggle with is drinking WATER. I swear, I always ask myself “Jazz, what the heck is there not to like about something that has no flavor”? And guess what? I can never seem to answer myself back because I have no idea !!

No matter how many times I used to tell myself that I’m going to try and start over with my water challenges it just never seemed to work in my favor.

Until I realized that it isn’t the water that’s the problem, IM the problem for not doing what’s best for me..

So today, I give you a few pointers in relation to how I now drink 8+ bottles of water each and everyday being that this is a habit that I truly wanted for myself:

  1. Eliminate any distractions. (For me it’s any flavored lemonade, an ice cold bottle of coke or flavored iced tea) Whatever can throw you off from sticking to your new habit, GET RID OF IT !
  2. Believe that you can do it, and it will get done. A lot of us tend to begin starting a new habit with DOUBT. If you go into something with a negative attitude, then best believe you’ll finish it with negative and unsatisfying results. Have FAITH in yourself always..
  3. Fall down 7 times, GET BACK UP 8. Every time you catch yourself breaking your new habit, start over again right in that moment. We’re humans we make mistakes; but there’s always a chance to start again as long as we’re still living.

Anything is possible guys if you just work for it and believe !! Never have doubt that you can’t do something because like they say, after 90 DAYS it then becomes a lifestyle !

I believe in you all & im rooting for ya each and every step of your first 21 out of 90 days !

Mama Jazz

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