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How to Distinguish the Difference Between Love & Lust: Love Wins Again

Date- 07/16/18

Hello my Readers !

The topics are getting deeper with us and today I’d like to focus on a requested one; love vs lust.

1. Have you ever thought that someone was the one for you due to a physical attraction?
2.Is Love an emotion or a feeling ?
3.Is lust an emotion or a feeling?
4.Is the person that you lust for, worth losing the one that loves you?

Well let me start by saying this; according to some google research it is proven that emotions are seen and feelings are felt. We wear our emotions on our face everyday, but our feelings? Well no one will ever see those and that is why it’s hard to explain them at times; especially for the guys.

When someone tells you that they love you, it is a reason behind it every time. Maybe it’s because you made them feel wanted, or maybe it’s because you did something for them that no one else would do. Or maybe it’s just because you’re their mama, brother, sister, cousin, husband, wife, cat or dog.

But, when someone shows you that they are IN love with you; now that’s a whole other level of feelings.

Being IN love with someone and just HAVING love for someone are definitely two different things.

When you’re IN love with someone it is easy to show those emotions on your face and in your actions towards that someone.

But HAVING love for someone is just a freaking feeling. You tell them you love them, and that you’re thankful for them; but in reality you never go out of your way to actually show them.


Lust is a physical attraction to someone in a moment that may or may not continue on after that moment is over. & if it does continue on, this feeling of lust only occurs in a sexual nature.

Let’s say you meet a shawty or a guy on instagram, go out for a bit, get back home and things get a bit physical. Shawty or the guy leaves and all that is on your mind is that moment of PHYSICAL ATTRACTION.

Days go by and you still have this sexual imagination about this person, but that’s it.

Every time you envision them it’s in your bed, or without any clothes on. You can never see this person with clothes on and still think “Damn, I think I love her.”

This is the person that you’ll say “relieves your stress” or “doesn’t stress you out”. But, this is also the same person that’s going to play you like a dog because little do you know; they’re only around for the same thing that you want, a physical attraction.

Now that person that is FOR YOU and that you’re probably in love with is the one that you’ll catch yourself saying they’re “annoying and a stressor”, or they’re “doing too much”.

In other words, LOVE WINS AGAIN !

Love wins because it is REAL.

Now men I’m sure you can care less about this but ladies this is for you:

If a man only has a LUST feeling for you, then let that man go because in reality there’s someone out there who can see you with your clothes both on or off and still say “Yeah, she’s the one.” This guy will have both a physical and an emotional connection with you which is sometimes why if you’re this girl for them; then they’ll never want to let you go.

Guys it’s the same vice versa. Never let a female play with your mind. If she’s only hitting you when she’s bored or when she’s got some free time, slide her to the side and find somebody that you can actually vibe with and confide in consistently.

Sex is sex. But love is REAL & RARE.

You can’t connect with every male or female on the same level as that ONE special person; and if you’ve got that one special person on your mind right now while reading this blog, then go make that thing right.

Never take advantage of a VIBE for a slide. If you see something in somebody already that you’ve never seen in anyone else, then why not let this person know?

Stop chasing the LUST wave, & get ready to ride the wave of love because as you grow older; building with that someone special will have so much more value and worth then being around that somebody that has to be naked in order for you to feel anything..

Lust is easy, and love is complicated; but never go with easy always go for what’s worth it.

NOW take the time and go back up top to answer those three questions again from a different perspective.

I hope this blog has made you guys look at the two differently.

If you’d like to discuss it more, give me your opinion on what I’ve said, or talk more into depth about the topic at hand; feel free to contact me via email, inbox, tweet or by leaving your feedback at the bottom & I’ll be sure to get back to you..


“Fell in love through a photograph, I don’t even know your name”-J.Cole

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2 thoughts on “How to Distinguish the Difference Between Love & Lust: Love Wins Again

  1. This is so on point Jaz you touched on it all. How can you share this with someone who has no social media only text???

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