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How to Keep Your Toddler Entertained While Being Productive


Time- 7:08pm

Date- 07/11/18 (FREE SLURPEE DAY)

Hey Readers !

For a moment I’d like to just talk to my parents out there that find it very hard to be productive with a child or children that are in the age range form a year old and up.

Although I’ve only been a mom for a year and some time now, it took me this year and some time to figure out the tricks of getting things done while your active child is awake.

My son’s naps have now grown shorter and less which KILLS me.

It used to seem as if I could never get anything done and that days would go by before I started to approach my daily chores and tasks.

BUT, I have now become an official mama and I can get ALL of my tasks done when needed because I’ve discovered some things.


  1. Would you say that you know your child?
  2. If you could think of the top five things that your child finds interesting, what are they?
  3. Have you created a schedule for your child yet?

Let’s jump right into it!

TIP #1: Get to know your kid ! When it comes to getting to know our children we have to start right from the beginning with determining which cry means what. When they’re a toddler we have to figure out what foods they may enjoy, what their favorite character is, and a lot of other new interest that they may have. Figure out what it is that can keep your child busy for the time being while you spend some time doing something productive !

TIP #2: Purchase a highchair or a seat to strap your kiddo in so that they’re not running around and getting into everything that DOESN’T belong to them. My personal favorite seat comes from Target and I love it because it’s also an entertainment seat for my son. He loves to play with the toys attached to it and he also loves to eat off of his tray (EVERYTHING ALL IN ONE). Not only did I get it for a good price, but it also puts a smile on my son’s face every time he’s in it so it was one of mama’s greatest purchases.


TIP #3: If you’re into the technology thing, purchase a tablet ! A tablet has kept my son so content during the times when I am trying to get things done, I couldn’t thank Verizon enough for their buy one get one for $1 promo. The most important thing to remember with the tablet is to make sure that something EDUCATIONAL is on the screen. My son enjoys the shows on Netflix known as “Word Party or Little Baby Bum”. Both of these have helped us to get our boy to start counting from one to three and he also knows the different parts of his body as well. JACKPOT! Another great steal and learning tool that makes both mommy and baby happy.

TIP #4: Get ready to follow a SCHEDULE with your toddler and begin to figure out how to work around it. On a Saturday I already know that this day can consist of two naps and three meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner. During those meals my son sits in his highchair (with his tablet) and I know that at this time my phone will be away because I can use it to get something done. During nap time, mama blogs. I dedicate that 11am-1pm nap and that 3pm-5pm nap time to getting my hobby and future career work done ! You see how that works out? STOP and become consistent with the timing of your baby’s day to day lifestyle.

Tip #5: Work as QUICKLY and as PROMPTLY as you can to get things done because before you know it baby will be in need of all of your attention and nothing would have gotten done. As we know our phones and our beds can be distractions because we’ll want to surf the web or take a nap with baby but BE PRODUCTIVE mama’s. If you have the schedule put together, the necessities that it takes to keep baby busy then there are NO excuses as to why things aren’t getting done at home !

I truly hope the following tips can help with what it is that some of you may be trying to do. Being a mama is not easy and there are only 24 hours in a day BUT we must use our time wisely. Never use being a mother as an excuse for why things are never getting done.

Please feel free to contact me or to leave your info below if you’d like to elaborate on this topic some more OR choose to leave a comment in the comment box below letting me know what you think..


Mama Jazz


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