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How to Love a Child that Was Unplanned

Date- 08/02/18

Time- 9:46am

Hello Readers,

Although this blog may begin to stir up a mix of emotions and opinions, for a moment I’d just like to be real with you all and to share something that I’ve experienced as a mother. This blog was inspired by an Instagram post that I had come across yesterday.


Was your child a planned pregnancy?

Do you ever second guess becoming a parent at times ?

Some days I look at my son and I begin to wonder what I was thinking. I find myself wondering if life would be easier if he weren’t here.

This usually happens when my son is having a mental breakdown and I too may be sitting next to him with tears in my eyes because I start to believe that I am not strong enough to be his mother.

I lose myself in this moment and I begin to feel like less of a mother because I cannot seem to get my son to stop crying.

Hearing the sound of a baby crying can become very overwhelming, it can drive you to even zoning the baby out because you just cant take it anymore.

One things for sure though, I could never love my son less then how much I love him now. This little boy has changed me for the better, he has helped me to grow and has shaped me into such an amazing woman. Without my son who knows where I would be. He has been the strength and motivation that has kept me going.

See the good in your baby, remember the reason as to why you made the decision that you made to move forward with bringing this child into not only the world but YOUR world.

I will continue to love my own little boy through the temper tantrums and all because it is ME that he chose to be his mother.

Stay strong parents of unplanned children, those babies are the ones that’ll make you better and they even tend to show up right on time.

Mommy loves you forever & always Baby Nazz..

*Mothers or Fathers, I want you to reach out to me and please leave a COMMENT up top or FEEDBACK down below with insight on your experiences and thoughts after an unplanned pregnancy. I’d love to speak to you all..*


Mama Jazz



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