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Keeping Up with Your Family Health History To Save Your Own Life


Date- 08/14/18

Time- 10:30am


Hello Readers,

Today’s topic was a requested one and when it was brought to my attention I realized how important it is to discuss and to bring to the attention of others.


  1. How many times have you been to the doctor and you’ve had to write “N/A” on the lines listed below family health history?
  2. Have you ever taken the time to discuss the topic of health history when your family is all gathered together; such as a family sit down with your children?
  3. Do you know what it feels like to lose a relative to a disease or condition that they may have lost control over, or had no control of?
  4. How many of your parents or grandparents have a nightstand or a bag filled with prescriptive pill bottles?

NOW is the time to get in touch with your families health history and to avoid the situations from occurring any longer.

My grandmother is a survivor of breast cancer, and although I’m aware of this I honestly still have not taken the time to get myself examined now that I am 22 years old. The thought of having breast cancer crosses my mind but not as much as it should being that my grandma is a survivor. Now had she passed away from it, I’m sure this would have a HUGE impact on my decision.

My grandfather was prone to having seizures when he was alive. When my mother was pregnant with me he had about 18 seizures back to back while laying on a hospital bed. My grandfather is now deceased and all I can think about is the health conditions that he had while he was alive. Not only was he prone to seizures but he also had a disease know as Alzheimer’s which caused him to have a severe case of dementia (symptoms that effected his memory and everyday living.) It was hard to see my grandfather struggle with these conditions because he’d tend to be unlike himself at times. When I was younger it honestly would SCARE me to hear him talking out of his head and asking for people that were no longer alive.

My mother used to have a condition known has hyperthyroidism and it had gotten so severe to the point where she had to get her thyroid removed. She went from having an overload of hormones to now having hypothyroidism after the surgery; it sounds good but she’s now committed to taking medication for the REST of her life. Along with her condition she also has anemia and low iron, and she tends to get an excessive amount of hives very often. Sometimes I find myself breaking out in hives, eating ice, or being cold when it’s ninety degrees outside.

But guess what?

When I go to the doctors, I never put down either of my grandparents health history, let alone my mothers.

The reason why I know so much about my family members conditions is because I just graduated school and earned my credentials as a medical assistant. If It weren’t for school I STILL would not know what it is that my family tree’s health history consisted of.

How many of you answered yes to the nightstand and pill bag question?

I know my grandmother personally has a bag filled with medications and she has them all from high blood pressure down to heart failure medications.

It’s scary to think that her bag of medication is filled with conditions that could possibly effect my life later on down the line, but I’ve done nothing to prevent them from happening.

I want you all to complete the following five steps for me ASAP:

  1. Sit down with your parents/grandparents if they’re still alive and ask questions. Ask about their current or previous health conditions and find out what medications they’re taken.
  2. If you have CHILDREN that are old enough to understand, talk to them about your current and previous health conditions and give them background information on their grandparents as well.
  3. DO SOME RESEARCH! Take the time to find out more information on what you’ve learned about your family health history and find answers to help yourself.
  4. Take some ACTION. If this requires you to schedule a doctors appointment, schedule it. If it means that you must change your current diet, then change it. Make yourself better NOW before it’s too late.
  5. SHARE this content with your family, friends, coworkers, doctors and anyone else that you may think this article can have an impact on.

I truly hope that this article can be beneficial to you all and that you get something out of it by talking to your family members and preventing someone else down the line from being effected by anything in your families list of health history.

My name is Jazz & I just want you all to be great..


*P.S, feel free to drop some feedback and your contact information in the box below OR scroll up top and leave a comment for others to see what you think about this read.*

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