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My Child has a Cold, but the Doctor Says There’s Not Much That I can Do.

Date- 8/14/18

Time- 6:44pm

Hey Mama’s!

For a moment I’d like to discuss the number one thing about the doctors office that has agitated me the most.


  1. Have you ever left the doctors office with only instructions and no medication to give to your baby?
  2. What does your doctor say to you if you take your baby in for a cold check up?

It is the absolute WORSE feeling to go into a doctors office and to get sent home without any extensive help to cure your baby’s cold because, they’re just too young.

I have taken my son to the doctor multiple times since he’s been born and the reasons behind those visits stem from symptoms of a cold (runny nose, congestion, fever, cough). EVERY doctor has turned me around and gives me instructions for home that I could’ve thought of MYSELF.

There was one time when my son had a severe “cold” as the doctors would say and it just wouldn’t go away. It had gotten so bad to the point where my son was throwing up out of his mouth and his nose. I went into MY own doctors office crying my eyes out and I only went here because my doctor’s office was the closest help to us. I went inside and a pediatrician was on site as well. She offered to get my son’s vitals and everything seemed to be normal. Me being a mom, I knew my son wasn’t okay though.

Guess what she said to me?

“It may just be a URI (Upper respiratory infection)”..

I was furious at this point, my child was literally throwing up milk out of his nose and all they could tell me was that it was a cold.

Thirty minutes later the symptoms continued on and this mama had enough, no more doctors offices; to the hospital we went.

Finally, we had gotten to the bottom of it. My son had an EAR INFECTION. After multiple weeks, numerous amounts of doctors visits, and me crying my eyes out my baby was finally diagnosed with an underlining condition.


To save you a doctors visit in advance (unless your baby is throwing up out of their nose like my son) then follow these simple instructions:

  1. Insert a humidifier into the room. Be sure to keep the room nice and cool for baby and make sure that it is not too congested, this way your baby has a better chance of being able to breathe.
  2. Prop baby’s head up at bed time. Propping your baby’s head is another way to help with the congestion and the pressure that baby may be feeling up top.
  3. Use Tylenol as needed. Sometimes I use Tylenol to ease my baby’s pain or to reduce his fever but just be sure to not overdose within the matter of hours in a day.
  4. Keep baby hydrated and try avoiding milk for a while. Pedialyte and water are the go to whenever baby is sick and avoiding milk helps with keeping baby at ease and avoiding an upset stomach.
  5. Most importantly, keep baby out of school for as long as you can. I know this is hard when you’re a working mama but please try your best to keep baby away from other germs being that this may be where it stemmed from in the first place.

I hope this article can help you all prepare for the next time that your doctor informs you that baby is too young for active treatment. Trust your instincts mama and take care of baby as much as you can.

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Continue to be great mama !


Mama Jazz


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