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Waiting on the Day that Eric LeGrand Walks Again: Based on a True Story





That is how I must start off this blog, by using just one word to describe tonight. 

Never did I ever think that someone’s story could ever humble me as much as this young man’s story did tonight. 

Tonight I had the honor of not only MEETING but to hear the sounds of a survivors words that enlightened and encouraged me to be better than I was yesterday. 

Tonight, I stopped to speak with Eric LeGrand and as I looked this young man in his face tears filled up in my eyes due to the fact that he inspired me to be better in life. 

For those who may not know; Eric was a former football player for Rutgers University and during the fourth quarter of a big game at MetLife Stadium, his life had been changed forever after being hit while playing. Being hit so hard caused Eric to become paralyzed and the doctors had informed him that he will never live a normal life again. Not only would he never walk again, but he’d never move another part of his body. 

Tonight on stage Eric shook his whole upper body demonstrating to us that NO ONE CAN EVER TELL YOU THAT YOU’RE not capable of doing ANYTHING in life no matter what happens to you! 

To Eric, I would like to be one of the many people to encourage you to keep going. You’re such a motivational and life changing person. Although football may have been your passion and first love, this right here is where you were meant to be. 

I appreciate you for bringing me back to reality on my journey of life because the road has been tough. I’ve complained and I’ve fussed about everything that most people may not even have. 

I’m ready to be appreciative of everything just like you. Your physical capabilities may have been snatched away for a little while, but your mind and heart remained the same. 

I am waiting on you, because I know that you will walk again. No one can stop you from seeing this day again so please continue on and fight for what belongs to you. 

When you head out to lay on that field in the same spot again, I would love to be there and to be able to witness you WALK to that spot. 

Eric you are an inspiration to me and many others. Please continue to be you and continue to spread your greatness around the world. 

Everyone take some time to checkout Eric’s site https://ericlegrand52.com and if you’re capable of becoming a member of Eric’s foundation “Reeve Foundation: Team LeGrand” please take the time to become a part of the greatness or to even donate whatever you can. 

Thank you again Eric, you will forever be a part of my heart now. 


A New #1 Fan: Jazz 

“It’s the peace of mind for knowing that you did everything to be the best that you can be-“ Eric LeGrand & Coach  

Viewers please feel free to drop your contact information down below if you’re interested in becoming a part of Eric’s foundation.

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